We use the same method using Surf Control and our WatchGuard firewall. I just tell the students that they will get a little content along with pictures.

Doug Reaves
Bellows Free Academy
Fairfax, Vermont

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Steve & Others - 

Our 8th graders found the "Google Image" loophole in our content filter two
years ago. We use iPrism, which allows us to restrict sites by content
category, and to create different profiles for different machines and users.

Our solution: We blocked the "Web Search" category, then opened up a handful
of "approved" search engines (Local Allow), including Google Web but not
Google Images. This also helped us limit some of the less reliable search
engines that some students were beginning to use.

The drawbacks: Sites like DogPile and other "metasearch engines" are only
accessible to our librarians, who operate under a different filtering

In order to find images, our students must use a web search engine and
include "image" or "picture" as a keyword. They will get a list of sites
that have images related to their topic, and if the site is not appropriate,
it gets blocked.

This process adds an extra step to finding images, but it does not seem to
be much of a hindrance once they learn what they need to do: images are
still accessible, you just can't grab them quickly from the Google Image

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury Schools
Washington West Supervisory Union
Waterbury, VT

> We are looking for photo search engines that filter themselves for
> explicit photos.  An example is
> Our Internet filter will not filter photo searches for any cost that we
> can afford, leaving us the options of completely blocking photos
> searches or leaving wide-open access.
> Attempts to limit use of Google and Yahoo for doing only the preference
> of "moderate filtering" have been less than successful.
> We may set our SurfControl filter to redirect photo searches to sites
> like
> Please let us know of other photo searches engines that you recommend,
> or other words of wisdom about the issue.
> Steve Jarrett
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