Hello all:

A few calls as of late at the Vermont Institutes office about the ILN
prompt me to put this out so all are informed of what is happening.. and
things are happening....

The state released an RFP last month for managing the ILN.  That RFP
closing date is Nov. 8th.  After that, the state will be choosing a
contractor to manage and migrate all existing ILN sites over to their own
IP configuration.. 

After Nov. 8th, the state is going to choose a contractor by Nov. 11th,
(maybe later, because they pushed the closing back), and then that said
contractor is required to be implementing the work as of Dec. 9.  

Because of that,  I would like to just stress to folks that while Vermont
Institutes was the manager of the system up until May, we need to back off
a on our support of the network so that whoever gets the contract can do
the work they need to do.  

You may still use our IP for testing, but we really do not wish to be
doing phone support for configurations at this point.  

Because of the timing of this, it would seem best to wait until a
contractor has been chosen and then move forward on obtaining phone
support from them.  The fast track nature of this initiative leads me to
believe that the ILN could be revitalized by the end of January

I will continue to attempt to keep you informed of the status of all this
until such time as the chosen contractor takes over.   Thanks for your

Peter Drescher
Technology Integration Specialist
Vermont Institutes
45 College St.
Montpelier, VT  05602
802-828-1381 (voice)
802-828-1327 (fax) 
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