Have you considered using Macromedia's Contribute?  I'm most familiar
with Windows but I believe it runs on the OS 9.  You create the template
pages in Dreamweaver (may work with GoLive, dunno.) and your teachers
could manage the content using Contribute.  I haven't used it myself but
I'm looking into it for Woodstock.

Good Luck,

Luis Bango
Instructional Technology Specialist 
Woodstock Union High School & Middle School
(802)457-1317 ext.198 

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Hi all,

I currently use Adobe GoLive to create Winooski's web pages. We are
going to start encouraging other staff members to help me build the web
pages - teachers, secretaries, etc. I think for them, Adobe GoLive might
be a little too much - especially since I'll have to do the professional
development. Can anyone suggest a web page design program that will work
on OS 9 and below (as well as OS X if
possible) for macintosh computers that is easy for all to use, and has
built in FTP capability?


Bryan Thompson
Technology Coordinator
Winooski School District
Winooski, VT 05404