Thanks Peter for your comments.

The findings in Maine and other sites that have experimented with
one-to-one computing (even here in Vermont!!) indicate that ubiquitous
student and teacher access to information presents new opportunities for
teaching and learning. 

Vermont teachers in our two one-to-one pilot projects (Glover/Irasburg,
and Brattleboro) are in the second year of a three-year pilot program.
These sites, benefiting from a $300,000 grant to each site, are
exploring the possibilities made available through one-to-one computing.
When the program was started, we knew that the cost of ubiquitous access
for students and staff would drop, and that what a laptop was in 2004
would be different by the end of the program in 2007. The $125 laptop is
evidence of this progress.

Peter Drescher led a couple of panel discussions with Vermont's
one-to-one "pioneers" at VermontFest and it was extremely interesting to
hear their comments. We hope that Vermont teachers and school leaders
will take advantage of the opportunity to visit our one-to-one sites at
some point over the next year or two. Contact Peter Drescher
([log in to unmask]) at Vermont Institutes for more
information on this project.

Bill Romond
Vermont Department of Education

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>The things I like most about this proposal is that it
>	- drives down the price point
>	- drives down the common barriers (power, wiring ...)
>	- opens development to a whole new world of developers
The implications here are pretty staggering.. 
Considering the recent context we discussed at Vermont Fest. 20 years
(or25).. the changes have been amazing.. and in a relatively short
of time...

This could really drive change in the realm of a different direction..
there are a lot of 20 year olds out there, that are so familiar with
technology... and so tired of the Mac vs. PC debate as well as the power
of M$....  exciting stuff...

Peter Drescher
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