Because of the number of calls/e-mails I've received, I need to clarify
the intent of the recently released grant opportunity called "Statewide
Technology Integration" grant. I apologize if my lack of description has
caused confusion.


The intent of the grant will be to develop an organization of sorts. The
grant should bring together, in some way, the "community" of people who
are responsible for technology integration. By creating a formal
connection for these folks, the grant will pay for the creation of a
resource clearinghouse (website probably), means to share materials and
ideas, and a structure for future development of the people and
resources. The products of this grant should benefit students on a
statewide basis. 


While we need to have local school districts involved in some ways with
this grant program, it is not the kind of program intended to support
individual district technology efforts.


Again, I'm sorry for any confusion I've created.


Bill Romond


Educational Technology Coordinator

Vermont Department of Education

120 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05620-2501



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