Michelynn McKnight wrote

> It is *our* responsibility to market (and I don't mean just advertise) the
value of our professional services to any and all decision making
administrators who have > not *personally* experienced our services. It's
easy to cut something that has never been any use to them.

I agree with this part. When I was a hospital librarian, a doctor who joined
the hospital after working in a Medical School for several years, told me to
invite an administrator into the committee, and also to make sure all
administrators had some collection and services targeted at them. Once I
introduced this - it made a difference - though I must admit that it did not
make a significant difference in my position in the hospital's hierarchy -
that remained where it was - "bad".

However the library got a lot more "upgrades" - today they have a well
planned interior, facilities for doctors to use laptops, and a whole lot of
stuff which was simply unheard of earlier

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