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>This thread is ridiculous.   Stowe and Killington passes cost the same.
>Sugarbush is a little cheaper.

Yes, but people  who work in the Mad River Valley pay $32(last year) to ski Sugarbush.  Didn't 
Killington have one of the cheapest pass deals in the east last year?

>Now you can get a cheaper pass at Smuggs or MRG, but you get what you pay
>for.  MRG and Smuggs are nice, but they are not top tier mountains.

Only if top tier means services, though I migght be inclined to argue that Smuggs service is much 
better than Stowe.  As for ski terrain, I wouldn't saythe terrain at Stowe is worth 2-3 times the cost 
of a Smuggs ticket(I'm thinking bash badge prices).

>When you guys travel, don't you go to the top tier resorts.  When you go to
>Lake Tahoe region, do you go to Squaw or Sugarbowl? 

We go to Squaw(maybe) but the locals go to Sugarbowl because it caters to them.

>Stowe is the best mountain in the East.  

I keep hearing this, but don't necessarily see Stowe as so far ahead of others.  Someone please tell 
me what makes it the best? The front four beats everything?  I don't think so, as Castlerock is of 
equal quality(yes, I'm preparing to duck).  The gondi area?  Mostly dull cruisers.  The stuff off the 
summit?  Not lift served, so it doesn't count.  The stuff North of Chin Clip?  Smuggs has great 
skiing into the Notch as well.  Trees? No better than a half dozen Vermont resorts.  The exclusive 
feeling one gets from being able to afford it?  

There seems to be a sort of religious cult following for Stowe.  Point out a flaw of the area, and 
you practically get called unpatriotic by our president.  This fact really hit home last week when 
everyone was getting on Jay Peaks case for their snow report, but noone here except Scott noticed 
that Stowe reported 20" when the stake clearly red 14".

>Every mountain around here has it's rich people.  I bet everyone of you
>could name several trust funders that ski your mountain. 

Weak argument.  Just because a rich skier chooss to ski at a mountain doesn't prove the mountain 
doesn't cater to locals.

>I will say this about the crowd Stowe attracts - they don't get all
>pompous about secret woods trails.

At which mountain have you seen said pomposity?  I've never met a ski area at which I wouldn't 
get shown the goods for the price of a reeb.
Anyway, talking about what the skiers are like isn't really the topic here.  Its the fact that Stowe 
chooses to cater to people from states where average wages are higher.  There's nothing wrong 
with that, its their right.  I will tend to spend my money going to places where I'm appreciated.

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