I have long felt that Stowe significantly diminished its inbounds advanced 
terrain when it blasted out the middle of National in the mid 70's in an 
effort to tame the mountain for intermediate skiers. There was no finer 
steep pitch in the east, IMO. It was one of the most drastic mountain 
re-contourings that I know of.  - Stuart Cole

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>> >Stowe is the best mountain in the East.
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>>I keep hearing this, but don't necessarily see Stowe as so far ahead of 
>>others.  Someone please tell
>>me what makes it the best? The stuff off the summit?  Not lift served, so 
>>it doesn't count.
> If a typical advanced skier asks me what the best mountain is for skiing, 
> I immediately think of two things:  terrain (IB & OB) and snowfall.  While 
> some may disagree, I think that easy sidecountry access is an important 
> factor for many advanced skiers in the modern ski era.
> I should point out that Sugarbush is probably my favorite ski area, partly 
> due to growing up skiing there, but mostly due to the way it is an 
> absolutely massive expanse of ski terrain (Lincoln Peak/Slide Brook/Mt. 
> Ellen) in which you can always get lift-served fresh tracks unless Mother 
> Nature throws a wrench into the snow.
> But, if an advanced skier asks me for the best ski area in the east, I 
> will answer Stowe because:
> 1) It is typically among the snowiest mountains in the entire eastern half 
> of the country (on par with the rest of northern Vermont, and perhaps 
> slightly behind its neighbors to the north)
> 2) Its in-bounds terrain is at least equivalent to, and possibly a bit 
> above any other eastern ski area
> 3) Its lift-accessed OB, although perhaps not as big in acreage as some 
> places in the east, is still really large, and has terrain that I feel is 
> unmatched by any other eastern area> 

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