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Bernstein wrote:

> Has he created even a single post about
> some sort of actual skiing experience in VT in the last two years?

I can't believe I'm doing this, but...  Not a "skiing experience",  
but a well written, informative, factual post that is skiing related  
and very well answered a question asked to the list.

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 >Part Time Teaching benefits:
 >1. Training that can improve your skiing/riding
 >2. Camaraderie. There's always a group of talented people to ski/ 
ride with
 >3. Locker Room. A free place to keep your gear and hang out.
 >4. Season Pass
 >5. Season Pass for immediate family ( this depends on the resort as  
to when
 >you qualify)
 >6. Employee discount on food etc.
 >7. Employee discount on kids programs and lessons includng day care
 >8. You get paid. It may be small but can add up as you move to  
privates and
 >start hitting request bonuses or whatever structure is in place.
 >9. Tips. These can really add up especially out west.
 >10. Potential to develop a meaningful relationship with a ski shop or
 >manufacturer that results in heavy disocunts or free gear.
 >PSIA/AASI Materials:
 >Most of this stuff is ok but it's no replacement for actual  
training and the
 >best training is actually your own lesson experiences. In general  
it is also
 >not a good idea to teach family or friends.

Jason - "redraobwons"

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