When I blew the whistle and threw the yellow flag which resulted in a  
time out for one of our members, it did occur to me that there were  
more than one violator of written policy. As a rule, I am reluctant  
to exercise what little powers I have over the SkiVt-L list or its  
members, other than perhaps setting the date of the Official Annual  

However, it has been brought to my attention that the use of the term  
"ssakcaj" -- even when spelled backwards -- is indicative of mean- 
spirited flaming and is deserving of something more than a wag of the  

Thus, let it be known that by the power vested in me by the SkiVt-L  
Council of Elders, the members identified by email addresses:

	[log in to unmask]
	[log in to unmask]

are in violation of the policy, and are now subject to a "time-out."  
The time-out, or penalty box, if you will, will be for a duration of  
not less than one week. It shall be enforced by configuring the  
listserv software to IGNORE all posts emanating from violators. The  
violators will still be able to receive SkiVt-L mailings; s/he simply  
will be unable to respond.

Hopefully this will be the last of the matter. I have some skiing to  
do, let's move on.

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