Get a box.  You'll protect your skis, be able (somewhat) to carry
different types of gear.  I agree with TOS about the primacy of saving
your skis.  The box may have its PITA moments, but the cleaning &
lubing you'll want to do to your bindings & edges will be more so. 
Frankly, it's a good thing that your car doesn't come with a rack. 
Factory racks tend to be weaker, so, altough you'll pay more up front,
you'll be able to carry more than 50% more weight (the weight load for
Yakimas tends to be 100lbs. w/ factory racks & 165 w/ their mounting
system - and their engineers test the bejeezus out of their rack
systems.  BTW, the weight load includes the weight of the rack!  The
inside word is that Yakima & Thule systems are more or less comparable
(and now intermixable), although the Thule boxes are better, while
their customer service sucks ssa, whereas Yakima boasts a long
tradition of great customer service.

El Scorpion

caveat lector

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