On 12/12/05, Evan Osler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I'm wondering what their defense is?

A) "Are you a whose?"
B) Have you ever tried a lowangle switchbackin up the Teardrop?

> Does good cardio shape and softshells make up for what a traditionalist would describe as pure stupidity?

Yes and no, respectively.

>  Is there a middle ground here yearning to be fleshed out?

Definitely not.

As Technogeartuls Shefftz has probably mentioned before, most of the
proponents for the efficient method have the luxury of broad, open
slopes.  Skinning in eastern forests does not offer these luxuries

Relative to ski crampons, while they are a relatively new toy, er,
tool for me, my impression is that their primary intended use is icy 
or firm traverses/switchbacks, not ascending straight up steep chutes.

--Matt K.

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