Re: winter camping (for example, on a multi-day backcountry tour a la
the Bolton-Stowe Haute Route, a forray into the Adirondacks, or an
undertaking on Katadhin)...

I've grown up always hearing (and agreeing with) the argument that the
less you wear in a sleeping bag, the warmer you will be.  Ytidun may
not be required, for example a dry layer of Capilene (tm) might be
fine, but the argument as I understand it is that wearing layers of
clothing (such as fleece) slows the process of one's body heat warming
the air trapped by the bag's down (or synthetic) insulation.  Is this

On a related note, most people suggest for winter camping that if you
wear just a base layer to bed, that it ought not to be what you've
worn over the course of the day.  Well, if that's so, what happens to
the base layer that you wore during the day?  Won't it remain damp and
cold?  Wouldn't it be better to remain in you daytime baselayer so
that it can dry out as you sleep?

El Scorpion

caveat lector

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