Jonathan S. Shefftz wrote:
> - I've gone all the way up Right Gully on skis.  Plus GoS #3.  

Dickie Hall claims to have climbed the HW on just wax, with
long climbing traverses and kick turns.  One of the tricks he
suggested was putting the ski tails horizontally in the snow
pack while in the skis (with air under your feet and tips) as
a good secure rest position.  He claimbed the benefits were
1 No need to rip skins or change into bindings on the steeps
2 No need to cut platforms for 1)
3 Ability to ski away from falling rocks and skiers (which
  you can't do when booting up

I've never tried it.

> 1. When going straight up a moderate pitch, try lengthening
> poles to something approaching xc classic length.  

Dickie suggested just the opposite, which really surprised me but
after a few years, its starting to feel better to me.  His 
suggestion is to use alpine/tele length poles for steeper
climbing.  You put your hands on the top of the pole (bull
fighter style) and hold your hands down by your hips.  You
still use your upper body, but is more with the tricepts
and less with the lats. You can try the movement sitting
at your computer.  Just drop your hands to the side and 
then climb with your palms by alternating.  Dickie claims
that it is more efficient since the heart doesn't have to 
pump blood up to your raised hands which are higher if you
climb nordic style.  Note, this tip really requires an 
alpine style pole grip with a nice rounded top.  It's not
so good with pointy topped nordic style grips.


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