On Wed, 11 Jan 2006, Ernie Buford wrote:

> Stefanie Ploof wrote:
> >Since everyone except the original testers is having difficulty with
> >installing the Symantec Antivirus update I am going to remove links to
> >that installer and to news items requesting that users update to this
> >product until which time we can re-evaluate the installer.
> >
> >Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about the installer.  Apologies
> >that it caused you grief.
> >
> >Stefanie
> >
> >
> Not everyone....  It installed without incident for me on the one
> machine I upgraded yesterday evening (XP SP2).  Dare I try it
> elsewhere or better to wait for a new installer?

Yesterday I found several settings on the central servers which had
decided to change themselves, including a setting for "Lock the ability of
users to unload Symantec AntiVirus Services" which I disabled.  I believe
the problem of services not being stopped should be resolved with this
server setting corrected, but I would appreciate IT folks testing this and
providing feedback.