Geoffrey Duke wrote:
> Hi, folks,
> Just an fyi regarding some behavior I'm seeing in Thunderbird 1.5 for 
> Win32. I've configured the UVM Directory under the global addressing 
> options(1) with the standard settings (2). However, as I compose an 
> email and enter a recipient, Thunderbird doesn't present matches from 
> a directory lookup. I can search the directory successfully directly.
> If I go to the Account Settings for my account, and select the UVM 
> Directory explicitly(3), instead of using the global preference, 
> address lookups during composition functions as expected. If a set it 
> back to 'Use my global LDAP server... ,' addressing stops working again.
> Just a heads up.
Fun, fun.  Nice that there's a workaround, though.  For reference, I 
looked it up and there was a bugzilla entry added for this on January 16 
( and confirmed by a 
couple other people, so hopefully it'll get fixed by the next release.

Scott Dellinger