Frank wrote:
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>    You need to read today's follow-up on slashdot...
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Many large organization are looking for management features in the
applications that they deploy. For example, the ability to enable or disable
certain functionality, the ability to pre-configure options and settings,
the ability to roll-out updates and upgrades and a controlled way.

Such organizations also consider the costs of training users, and whether
the knowledge they bring from previous situations applies. And the costs of
migrating from one tool to another.

This, of course, must be weighed with the value created by the new
environment. There are lots of options for reading Office Docs, including
free readers from Microsoft. So what, from an organizational standpoint, is
the value of migrating to OpenOffice? 

I'm also intrigued by the survey of tools used by those of us who least
resemble the user populations that we support.


PS.  OK, I'll join the chorus; most of my writing is done in Vim(w32),
Outlook, and gmail.