I puzzles me that no one has reported Snowy Owls yet other than local people 
whom I see in Manchester area.   I had another from an observant 
feeder/field birder who saw one two weeks ago in Dorset sitting on a fence 
on the edge of his yd area.  Great description of those piercing yellow 
eyes, black flecked white feathering and impressive wing span on departure.

The all white raptor with only a red tail was spotted in E. Dorset nearby 
the area where reported earlier.

A flock of 100 +/- Canada Geese on nearby pond.  Don't think they can decide 
whether it's time to go N or S!!   Lot's of 'conversation' about it though.

Has anyone taken a picture of the Cape May in Rutland coming to peanut 
butter feeder.  Wish you would email it to me.

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset