While reading early this morning (00:30)a Great Horned Owl landed in our
back tree and commenced to hooting away.  Off to a great start for our first
And the book that had me up late... "The Big Year".

A trip from N. Ferrisburg to S. Burlington and back helped end our year on a
nice note too, a flock (50+) of mixed Waxwings by the Teddy Bear Factory in
Shelburne. On Dorset St in Shelburne we had a flock of Snow Buntings.  A
flock of 40+ Waxwings in Charlotte on Brigham Brook Rd which also produced a
mixed flock of Horned Larks etc. and on One Mile Rd in Charlotte we had
another flock of Snow Buntings.  A total of 7 Red-tailed Hawks on the way up
on Dorset St.

Mike C., Heather and kids
N. Ferrisburg