It's nice to see that somebody else has seen the white red tail.  I've
not seen it since the 2nd.

My wife and I visited Fred yesterday and the Cape May was very obliging.
We took a few photos which I put up on our Web site.  Nothing fancy but
good enough for the records committee. 

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I puzzles me that no one has reported Snowy Owls yet other than local
whom I see in Manchester area.   I had another from an observant 
feeder/field birder who saw one two weeks ago in Dorset sitting on a
on the edge of his yd area.  Great description of those piercing yellow 
eyes, black flecked white feathering and impressive wing span on

The all white raptor with only a red tail was spotted in E. Dorset
the area where reported earlier.

A flock of 100 +/- Canada Geese on nearby pond.  Don't think they can
whether it's time to go N or S!!   Lot's of 'conversation' about it

Has anyone taken a picture of the Cape May in Rutland coming to peanut 
butter feeder.  Wish you would email it to me.

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset