The hairy woodpeckers must all be here in Rutland!  We get two to three
at a time on our suet feeders daily, along with a pair of downy

A pileated can often been seen nearby on Pinnacle Ridge Road, between
Grove St. and Route 7 in Rutland Town, on dead birches on the south side
of the road.

Steve Costello
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Down here in Pownal we seem to have a plethora of turkeys and they are 
quite brazen.  This morning I counted 30+ in the pasture next to the 
house.  We also have Red-bellied Woodpeckers at the feeder and the suet 
.... this is a first for me !!  What I am missing this year are Hairy 
Woodpeckers?   Seems odd that they are not in evidence.  Another 
observation that I have made since we moved to Pownal a couple of years 
ago.... I never hear owls.  I have seen a couple of Barred owls perched 
in trees beside the dirt road that runs behind our farm but I haven't 
hear them call.  When I do a late night barn check I often stop for a 
few minutes just to see if I might hear one calling.  Nothing so far.
A flock of Redpolls arrived last week and they are making quite a dent 
in the sunflower seeds.

All the news for now,
Mundi  in Pownal