Good afternoon!

Thanks to all who responded to my query and who sent me documents and
resources.  A summary of responses is listed below:

-- Using the search terms "comparative study" and "patient selection" with
the two types of heparin;

-- Evidence-based guidelines from  
1. Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). Anticoagulation
supplement. Bloomington (MN): Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement 
(ICSI); 2005 Apr. 65 p.
2. Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). Venous thromboembolism

prophylaxis. Bloomington (MN): Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement 
(ICSI); 2005 Jun. 45 p.

-- "Clinical use of heparin and low molecular weight heparin" section from
Up to Date;

-- ask the pharmacist for more details about patient characteristics (ie.
"Patients with ST-segment elevation? Or without? Non-ST-segment elevation?
Patients on consistent antithrombin therapy? Or no history of

-- 2 issues of *Pharmacist's Letter* "that summarize the evidence between
heparin versus LMWH for certain patient groups" (6/05 #210650 and 8/01

Thanks again for all of your generous assistance!


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