It does start getting more competitive as they get to J3s and up.
My oldest stopped at J3s.   Now she does high school racing and
loves it.   This year she also started coaching J6s.   

I would be surprised if my youngest goes beyond J3s either.

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006 21:06:55 -0500, David Guertin <[log in to unmask]>

>Hi folks,
>Friday night Gillian announced that she wanted to give up ski racing.
>She's been getting less and less happy about running and training for
>races, and had already decided that this was to be her last year anyway,
>as she had little interest in continuing on into J2's next year. As a
>result, today found us at MRG instead of on the slalom course at Okemo.
>It's worth emphasizing that Gillian had a bigger smile on her face for
>most of the day than she's had all season so far. Her dad and brothers
>had a pretty good time too. I didn't shed many tears over missing a race
>day at Okemo.
>The snow was scratchy in lots of places, soft in a few, and the woods
>were tricky at best. We sampled Quacky woods and found the cover to be
>marginal and the untracked snow uncomfortably heavy, so mostly we stuck
>to the trails. But the mountain was 100% open, and we pounded most of
>the usual ways down off the single and double. The boys were getting air
>off every bump they could. Our ski bases took some hits, but our
>outlooks did not, and everyone finished the day with big smiles.
>By the way, the boys are far from wanting to give up racing, and are
>still up their eyeballs in it. Next Sunday we'll be out bright and early
>on the slalom course at Quechee. Still, they didn't exactly complain
>about giving up a training day for a day on the big mountain, and I have
>a feeling that tonight they'll go to sleep with visions of Paradise
>bouncing through their heads.
>Dave G.
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