Leigh, I agree with you 100%.  The thing I hate is how parents 
put their kid in one sport and they only do that one sport year round.
Skating, hockey, soccer, basketball, swimming and gymnastics are sports
that there are a lot of kids that doing it year round.  
We tried to get our kids to do many sports.   It was tough to try and
compete against those kids.   

In 11 years of kids ski racing, I have only witnessed two parents that
were over the top.   The first one I mentioned was the worst.  Thing was,
he was a nice guy to talk to.

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 16:23:58 -0500, Leigh Daboll <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I have to say that I didn't notice that kind of egregious parental behaviour
>in the very competitive J1 circuit in WNY.  However, I did notice the
>1)  My family hasn't done too badly financially over the last decade, but I
>gotta tell yah, sometimes it felt like ski racing was way, way out my league
>financially.  Some of the funds being tossed around on kids' gear, the
>travel expenses and tipping the coaches (not that they didn't deserve it)
>was astronomical.
>2)  J1 or not, the vast, vast majority of those kids were not going to get
>scholarships, FIS rankings or something similar.  You'd never know that from
>the course-side race environment.  Self-satisfaction and self-improvement
>seemed to take a bit of a back seat to winning, and the same kids won
>3)  I think that's why Jackie lost interest, not because of any parental
>pressure on my part.  In fact, I was more taken aback at the lack of the fun
>factor tan she was.  I've never viewed skiing where fun wasn't first and
>foremost - or perhaps I should rephrase - where the amount of fun and
>attention one received was inversely proportional to the number of seconds
>on the clock.
>Tryst me, there's no sour grapes here or anything.  The archives show how
>proud I was of Jackie's effort given the fact she was racing with 8 fewer
>years experience than some of those kids. Nor am I really concerned about
>the attitudes of all the other parents.  Quite the contrary, I developed
>several friendships.
>I think more than anything, my ambivalence about kids' racing is rooted in
>my deeply held view that kids today are managed to death with organized
>activities.  I'm not sure where we developed into a society where kids get
>shuttled from the soccer field to the math club to swimming lessons.  I
>think back fondly to my youth when we made out own fun.  We went out
>exploring on our own and terrorized the local squirrel and raccoon
>populations with our .22s.  We cut down trees and dammed up the little
>creeks in the back forty and made our own swimming holes. We saved and saved
>until we could buy dirt bikes, then we scraped out a motocross course with
>one of the tractors and had our own races.  I went winter backpacking and
>built a bunch of snow caves.  We hung out in the shop working on our own
>piece-o-crap cars with ridiculous looking wings tacked on the back and
>ill-calibrated carburetors so we could be sound cool at the McDonalds.
>Somehow, we managed to get grown up with a minimum of help or interference
>from our parents.
>Nostalgic? You bet. Good thing that at least some of that spirit has
>transferred to the younguns'.  You should see the paintball course that
>Jonny and my nephews have constructed out in the bush behind the barns.
>Some weekends, we've had twenty kids over here playing paintball.
>No, Tag, we haven't been sued yet either.
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>> Years ago there was a J5 parent from Jay that topped all.
>> He threaten to sue our council if his kids couldn't wear their GS
>> suits.   His kids would sprinkle floro on their skis at the start.
>> I figure he spent a $100 per race juicing his kids skis at the start.
>> The best though was Picabo Street had to get a restraining order
>> against him because he was harressing her at Mt Hood.  He wanted
>> her to coach his kids.
>> This weekend there was a guy that had his J6 daughter racing in her
>> underwear (to get around the gs suit rule).  He duct taped her bib
>> tightly on her as well, also illegal.
>> On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 12:50:32 -0500, Bruno deBiasi <[log in to unmask]>
>> wrote:
>>>Junior ski racing sounds a bit like junior flog or junior a lot of
>>>sports and activities. A few parents can be occasionally pushy &
>>>competitive in a negative manner. In flog, there is now a jr tour (not
>>>ajga) which bans parents from premises except to drop their charges
>>>off. Notabadidea.
>>>- Bruno
>>>On 1/31/06, T O S wrote:
>>>> J5 and J6 racers are grouped together.
>>>> This is about learning to ski and having fun.   Races are supposed
>>>> to be low key.   About 5 races a year.  No speed suits.   Parents
>>>> are encouraged to stay  away from the score board.
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