2-3" of fresh wet snow from last in BTV the freezing level 
was between 500-700 feet off the deck and that lines up with the snow 
level witnessed on I-89 between BTV and Waterbury.  Snow level seemed to 
be in the 700-1000ft level with accumulations of 2-3" at the 1,000ft 

Richmond is the new snowless capital of Vermont.  I haven't seen snow 
there in a few weeks...even Burlington has had consistently more snow than 
that stretch of I-89.  Anyway, Mad River Glen.  Ski it if you can.  I got 
my ssa handed to me and I now know why MRG skiers are so good.  The snow 
was good with another 3" of dense stuff on top of a marginal base.  I've 
skied 7 of the last 15 days and life has been good.  The snow depth in the 
mountains of central Vermont are just like everyone has been 
saying...low.  I never fully understood this until now.  Personally, I 
feel like one of the Marc's being spoiled with consistently deep, soft 
snow.  Rock, ice, stumps, moss, more rock, were all evident today at MRG 
more so than I've seen on Mansfield since November.  Now, before anyone 
thinks I'm "bashing" MRG, I'm not.  I'm mearly extremely interested in New 
England weather and snowfall.  I'm not a professional meteorologist, yet I 
play one on the internet...just a college kid who has a math and science 
orientated mind.  

I would give a descriptive report except I don't know MRG at all and thus 
don't know many trail names (if any).  It was more than worth the $4 I 
gave the ticket counter only to recieve a ticket and change.  I skied 6 
great runs before the double broke down and then it was a 20 minute wait 
on the single.  Amazing how one chairlift down can change the liftline 
from 0-5min (depending on what the traffic flows are) to easily 20 
minutes.  Anyway, after skiing for 3 hours and getting 6 runs in with no 
liftlines we called it quits and left around 1230.  The skiing was good, 
don't get me wrong, but as a college kid who skis 4 times a week, I do 
have stuff I need to if skiing for a few hours means 
leaving at 1230 then so be it ;)  

So back to the snowfall/depth...
Every time I post pictures of Mansfield I get 5 emails commenting about 
how the snowdepth is so much lower in other parts of the state.  I assume 
its lower in some spots but not the amount that I witnessed today.  6-12" 
of natural snow depth on the lower mountain gave way to only 12-24" at the 
summit.  Now, this is extremely compacted, crusted over snow but the 
mountains surrounding the Mad River Valley have half of the snow that is 
sitting on places like Bolton/Stowe/Smuggs and I haven't been to Jay but I 
assume it similar. 

This is at the bottom of Catamount Bowl:

In several spots on the mountain, I dug to the ground to see the snow 
depth.  I found a general 6-12" depth on an un-frozen ground below the mid-
station as seen in the photo above...I tried to find the least wind/skier 
effected areas that I could.  This was the "new" snow at Stowe last 
Thursday that was easily a foot or more deep:

On the summit, in the trees on the way to Paradise the snow depth was 18-
24" and I believe saying its a 2 foot snowpack is being generous:

Another high elevation photo around Catamount Bowl shows deadfall being a 
clear risk and while some spots might look nice, that tree isn't more than 
20" off the ground and it isn't even close to being covered:

Here's another shot from near the top of the single with only 18" of snow 
on top of everything.

This is all in contrast to the 18" base snowpack and 48" upper elevation 
natural snowpack (stake) that is sitting on Mansfield.

That last shot is next to RT108 through the Notch.  On Saturday afternoon, 
even with near 50F temps the snow was well settled but still at a thick 
18" pack down around the base.  

I finally understand what everyone is saying when they can't believe the 
amount of snow north of I89 vs. south of it.  Needless to say, MRG kicked 
my ssa with rocks, moss, ice, snow, and more rocks.  My skis also took a 
few shots to the base.  Fascinating stuff, though.



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