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>Hey Scott, your forecast is an interesting read regarding the Great Lakes
>Low being less warm and rainy than expected.  If you don't mind, let me 
>this hands-on report  about  what *appears* to be moving east. 
>no science involved):

Its all relative.  Less warm and rainy means that 40F today could've been 
45F and rain.  This is purely a backbuilding cold airmass in northern New 
England as a cold high builds in...but that high couldn't have built into 
eastern Quebec if it were not for a weaker and thus cooler low over the 
Great Lakes.

Temperature when I posted at 2pm was somewhere around 33F IIRC...outside 
my house now it continues to fall (like the snow outside) and is now 30.5F 
with a dewpoint of 24F.  Wetbulb temp is comfortably below freezing.


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