Hi folks,

The usual crowd of cheapskates converged on Mad River Glen today to take 
advantage of the $3.50 lift tickets on the annual Roll Back the Clock 
day. It was fairly busy, but not oppressively so, until the double chair 
broke down around 11:00, and everyone descended on the single. I had 
just boarded the double when this happened, but was only about 6 inches 
off the ground, so was able to join in the exodus. From that point on, 
there was about a 15-minute lift line for the single, until about 1:00. 
Then it was like someone blew a whistle or something, and everyone left, 
because the crowds simply evaporated. Coincidentally, that's also the 
time they got the double running again. From then on, it was ski on to 
either lift.

The skiing? It was good. Not great, but good, and certainly the best day 
I've had so far this season, which admittedly isn't saying much. The 
2-3" of snow last night did a good job of softening things up just 
enough, particularly in the morning on the trails. Later in the 
afternoon untracked was a bit harder to find, until I discovered that 
the right side of Fall Line was still nice and soft, to the point of 
there being a bit of untracked left, and the farther right I drifted the 
more untracked there was and the better things got, until I was pretty 
well into ****house Woods. Being solo, I had been avoiding the woods, 
but this was too good to pass up. Sure it was only a few inches, but the 
base under the fresh was nice and forgiving.

I ran into Scott in the lift line, and later Chris, but never got to ski 
with either of them. I think they may have bailed at the 1:00 bell.

Oh, and I managed to tear loose the patch on the base of my ill-fated 
Rossis again, which caused me to run back to the truck to replace them 
with the CMH Volkls that I had brought along for just such an event. 
After the switch, I had to ask myself why I even bother with those 
stupid Rossis. Are those Volkl Explosivs the perfect ski? For me, more 
days than not, they are.

Dave G.

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