We were riding the quad by 8:10. There's no more big tree at the base!
Oh, it's been gone 2 years?

Excellent conditions, sunny day. Wind had done its thing, creating a
styrofoam consistency underfoot except in areas well-protected by
trees. Steeper woods shots were icy, nothing for the recent snow to
bond to as Scott pointed out. A foray into Pipeline 2 exposed said ice
on the steeper parts. The subsequent broken binding piece led to a 20
minute delay for on-the-scene repair but on a 30 degree plus day, who

Kept glancing at the summit all day. Bluebird, the views must have
been great up there. But we stayed within the resort pretty much,
finding the best snow of the day in Partridge woods. Untracked soft
cream cheese.

At about 10:30 we headed off-piste on the old ccc trail, BT. Wonderful
rolly terrain, good snow for the top 2/3. Peeked into a little spur
area spotting numerous tracks. The Stone Hut boys from earlier in the
week? Kept going, not worth the extra slog out of there for sloppy
seconds. Snow became sticky velcro (tm) at some point making the going
tough in the flats. Should have hit it an hour earlier for better
sliding. But the sun was shining and the folks we passed on the
x-country trails looked to be having a great morning. Even shared
words with one woman happy to see 2 downhillers with helmets
(certainly out of place) keeping out of the single track. On the south
facing BT, it really felt like spring.

Spent some more more time exploring the front side, then took the bus
over to Spruce. New lift sure makes a difference. Folks were blasting
laps over there. Uncrowded, sunny, and soft hero snow.

No plaid sighted. Heard some chatter on the radio but never made
contact. On road home by 3.

- Bruno

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