I'm just now realizing this only went to me and Courtney.  I thought it
was sent to all four of us...

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Dear Courtney,

It would be OK with me if one - or even two - of you missed class for 
this but not all four.  Then you can share what you find out - and the 
other two can do some separate interviewing or research in a non-class 

Let me know who though - and have a great weekend!

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> Hi Fiona,
> Our community group has been working on setting up an informative 
> meeting with the resource coordinator from the Barre DCF district 
> office.  After talking with her this week the only free time she has 
> in the next three weeks is Monday at 2:00 PM.  Our group was 
> wondering if it would be alright with you if we missed class on 
> Monday in order to conduct this meeting, that is essential for our 
> groups success?  Thank You,
> Courtney Gray, Nancy Miller, Mollie Moriarty (sp?) and Andrew Mortin