At Vermont eBIrd, we've just launched the ability to have an email 
version of your bird
report sent during checklist submission to your email address.  The 
idea here is that instead
of typing out all your notes and bird observations in text format on
your local listserves, you can instead just use eBird to generate your
report automatically and then simply forward the email on to your list.

  We hope this facilitates bird reporting both to eBird and to
listserves, and we hope this helps save you all some time!  The eBird
link at the bottom of the email will help others find the site and
hopefully begin contributing their data to the archive.

To use this feature simply check the box that says "email me this
report" on the checklist submission page (last step).

A lot of email clients have an "Edit Message as New" button (Ctrl-E in
Thunderbird), and then you can just change the "to" address to whatever
you want.  I'd recommend doing this over forwarding in order to avoid
"Fw:" in the subject line and any unsightly markup your email client
might add to forwarded messages.


Kent McFarland
Conservation Biology Department
Vermont Institute of Natural Science
27023 Church Hill Rd.
Woodstock, VT  05091
802-457-1053 x124

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