It is currently roaring in Burlington...front just passed and temperature 
is beginning to drop.  1 Hour temp drops of 15F have been noted.

Rochester, NY...max wind of 77mph at the airport. 1 fatality reported due 
to winds...widespread damage.

Oswego, NY dropped from 57F to 28F in two hours...with sustained winds of 
40-50mph and a max gust of 71mph at SUNY Oswego.  Widespread damage.

The ASOS station in Fulton, NY was up to 75mph.

Near Utica, NY max gust of 65mph.

Watertown, NY max gust of 62mph.

Syracuse, NY max gust of 60mph.

NWS Albany reported a 73mph gust in Herkimer County at Fairfield, NY.

Saranac Lake max gust of 48mph.

Glens Falls, NY max gust of 55mph.

Albany, NY max gust of 60mph.

Thatcher State Park near Albany, 60mph.

Saratoga County Airport, NY, 65mph.

Damage reports are impressive coming into the NWS offices across New York 
State right now.  Lots of widespread trees and power lines down.  Hold 
onto your hats this afternoon...its coming into Vermont.

BTV radar profile indicates winds of 80mph at 5,000ft.  I'm sure the 
mountain summits are unbelievable right now.


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