The way I see it, all we need is 2 or 3 inches to fall somewhere upon the land this eve, and we 
shall have good skiing tomorrow..

Stay with me here.

We are being attacked by strong Wind arriving from lands to our northwest.  Such Wind can 
deposit snow on a leeward slope at a much greater pace than even the most tempestuous 

In the far northern part of our fair and warm  state is a mountainous region sitting nearly on the 
edge of a plain, with nothing around for miles to serve as barricade to the  northwest Wind.  Yea 
and verily, I've heard tales of sparsely treed slopes of southeastern bearing in said region, slopes 
yearning to recieve the diasporic snows which from the Northwest flee..

Therefore I propose we gather a band of merry men clothed in finest gore-tex and fleece, armed 
with sharpest of edges, and warmed with finest of brandies, to go forth and explore these 
mythical woods. 

Winds and Frost Giants be damned!

Who amongst ye will join the cause?

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