in Europe he has definitely found himself a place in history, and the WC 
does give him a place anywhere in a skier's mind.  

i was referring to our side of the pond, though.  most people in the US 
didn't know who he was until he made the magazine covers a few weeks ago.  
the WC results don't really place him where a medal would- if he doesn't 
medal, people, including the skiing population, may remember him more for 
what he didn't do, disappointments, hype, etc instead of his 
accomplishments.  it's easy to remember the bad.

johnny mosely- he's that guy that hosted those MTV shows- kinda chubby 
these days.  i remember the hype of "his move" on david letterman and what 

i donno, i think ski racers will remember him, but alpine skiing is a once-
every-four-year sport- this is true

just my 2 cents.

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