Currently on radar I can see the 500mb vort max moving across the northern 
Adirondacks and into the Champlain Valley.  This will provide another 
burst of snow across northern and central VT between 3-6pm.  On top of the 
1-2" the higher terrain of the Spine saw this morning, another few inches 
is likely this afternoon as rates briefly increase to 1"/hr.  

My family's black lab is visiting for the week so I decided to take her to 
my playground and do some cross country skiing in the notch as I've never 
truely gone through the notch.  I figured the skiing on the mountain might 
be ok with some new snow, but I probably wouldn't miss anything.  I'd be 
back up there on Thursday to check the place out for the weekend crowd so 
it wasn't too hard to pass up a few hours of lift serviced for a couple 
hours enjoying the northern Greens.

Snow cover is still very good.  Base is rock solid.  A couple inches of 
new snow fell during the morning and hopefully another couple will fall 
this afternoon.  This type of pattern can bring some great conditions in 
the Greens and Adirondacks with 2-5" snowfalls every other day.

Nothing falling in Burlington but by the time I hit Williston it started 
to come down and I89 was interesting with falling and blowing snow 
reducing visibility but with minimal accumulation.

A decent crowd in the notch to enjoy the falling snow that varied from 
light to at times moderate.  Fun stuff and a nice ride down on cross 
country skis once up there.  Skiing at Stowe might not be half bad on 
Thursday or the weekend with another couple light snowfalls.

Dog loved it all.

Get out and enjoy winter!  Its out there, you might just have to look 
harder than usual.


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