I'm a firm believer in pointless exercises.

Today's example was skinning up the Bunny at Mad River at 3:30 in the  
afternoon. I think the only reason i went is that i told Jimmy Clapp  
I was thinking about it, and he said, "Whoa, hardcore." The weather  
was getting me down, too, Sharon, and I needed to be called hardcore.

The place was a ghost town, what with the power out and signs  
swinging in the wind. Cold, grey, windy, miserable;. I told myself I  
would only go so far as until it started to not be fun anymore --  
that could have been the parking lot, but ultimately was the Bunny/ 
Broadway/Quacky III intersection.

Descent was bone jarring skeleton run down Broadway-Periwinkle- 
Periwinkle Bowl. Big glacier ice patches, couple grass spots on lower  
peri, peri bwol was a mess.

Still, it was better than staring at horizontal rain slamming against  
my kitchen window. Not as good as pulling a method air grab over the  
last kicker to lose the gold medal, but better than slamming into a  
snow fence at 90 kph and flying to the hospital to eat lima beans.

So, do I send my 5 year old out into the Arctic wasteland for ski  
school lessons tomorrow, or watch non-stop Olympic Hockey games?

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