While some of you suckers spent your Saturday in chill winds and hard bumps
(except of course Marc and Marc whose every ski day is bliss on gliss on
bliss), I took to the sedentary joys of finding free stuff to do on the

I can now play 25 free tunes a month on Rhapsody, which might help me find
out if in fact there has been any good music made in the last several
decades. (Or maybe not; first download was Richard & Mimi Farina's Dandelion
River Run, from 19youdontwannaknow).

And I can now tune in to NPR and WBGO on the silicone screen, neither of
which takes me too uncomfortably far from my turn on tune in drop out roots.

But what about Google Earth (finally available for Mac)? I set it up. I
played for hours. It's 21st Century alright. But what do you actually _do_
with it? 

I put in placemarks for a few ski spots and more kayak launches (the rivers
are more photogenic in the straight down views--you can actually see the
rapids! cool!). I changed my default view. I tried their driving directions,
which were interestingly weird and practically useless. All in all, it's
amazing, and it's a fun toy. But what do you _do_ with it?


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