Plans to earn turns south of Mascara Mountain fizzled as the storm headed even further south.  Coverage was OK on Stark Mountain and many technical turns were to be had.  Turn exactly on the top of a bump and hold your breath as ya' skate across an ice floe.  After my noon stint, I was stiff and groggy and a Plaid Posse showed up.  Peter asked about off-piste and my brain slowly started to get in gear, but Wes led us down a zig-zag route down Quacky, Upper Panther, Gazelle, Gazelle Glades and I lost everyone as I farted around the boiler plate on the Gazelle headwall.  I caught up at The Single and we regrouped with Wes leading us down Fall Line with its tricky technical turns and me lagging.  Dan gave me a nice compliment on making turns on Creamery which I appreciated.  Wes then led us into some off-piste - the same place where we took care of a nasty injury not too long ago.  We were safe, though - we had Dan with! us, ya' know.  Up The Double and down through some woods at Quacky where some kids barged in ahead of me (maybe we got invaded by the SugarBears) and I opted for another line ......whereupon I lost everyone and I had Birdland Stint anyway.
That night, after the Board Meeting, I had a beer with Rocky and then Jep and Christian showed up where we discussed patrolling - pretty dedicated and talented folks in the Northern VT NSP and they continue to impress me.
Sunday morning .......the forecasted light snow never happened.  Nuthin' , not even a Nor'Incher or even some Dry Heaves.  Anyway, I entertained myself by spending most of the day on expert terrain focusing on those challenging technical turns in the bumps.  Beaver was tough, Panther was fun as was Upper Glade and Lower Slower Glade and ditto for Fall Line and One Way and others that I forgot.  Truth be known, Upper and Lower Slower Glade were! actually in pretty good shape and I was actually having fun ......I dunno' why, but I was indeed having fun.
And for next weekend ......hoo-boy

Mark P. Renson
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