So I assume you can hold reeb in one hand and slide a 42 pound blob in the other and perform better?


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>I'm looking forward to taking in at least one night of it.  Any time
>you get the top people in the world doing any sport, it should be
>interesting to watch.

curling ain't no sport, not unless shuffleboard is.  neither is bowling.   
golf?  nah.  but maybe... if you were timed on the course and that was 
averaged with your score.

sport vs. pastime:
it's a pastime if...
you can drink reeb and actually perform better.
you can hold a reeb in one hand while actually performing better.
examples: billiards, shuffleboard, pinball, wooshers, lawn jarts

it's a sport if...
you can drink a lot of reeb the night before and still win the world cup.

baseball, of course, straddles the line...
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