I think you're dead wrong on this, Gramps, er, John.  These are kids
here, why can't they have a little fun.  Stiegler, Richardson,
etc.--they're psyched just to be at the games.  A tiara or pearls
certainly isn't going to hurt their skiing, and I'm sure they're out
there working their sessa off.

--Matt K.

On 2/20/06, John Crowley, Jr. <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Speaking of a Ski Team fiasco, how about those US women in the
> combined SL, specifically Mancuso and Stiegler?
> Mancuso wearing a "tiara" and Stiegler in pearls - how cute?  There's
> time for fun and games like you're at a VARA J4 race or something, but
> I don't think the Olympics is one of them.  They are too veteran
> (World Junior titles, World Cup starts, etc.) to have to deal with
> pressure by doing that kind of stuff.
> Yeah, from their perspective, maybe it's going to be "cool" to be seen
> in Olympic footage for the rest of your life wearing some wacky outfit
> - but nobody's going to care if you finish 9th or 11th or wherever
> they were.  That was just ridiculous.

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