After one of his weaker showings of the season, Team Gnarl's founding
fathers decided to review the video.  What we found irritated us to no end, 
and left us no choice but to suspend him indefinitely!

In the start area, we could clearly see that Matt's focus was not on the
course, but clearly on the derrière of the woman before him.  
When he entered the start, in his goggle's strap, he had inserted a beanie 
baby.  As he skied the course, we could hear him singing the theme song to 
"Sponge Bob Square Pants".

As Joey Tucks said, how are we supposed to attract fast chicks, with Matt's
ssip poor attitude.  

The racer previously known as TEO, will now be known as TSO "the silly one".
TSO has been frantically trying to find another team.  As of press date, he
has been unsuccessful.  Rumor has it, TSO is now trying to hook up with a 
team at Mt Wachussetts.

Jimmy Cochran, in an effort to distance himself, was qouted as saying
"Matt who?".

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