Mediocre?  How about Darren and Bode.   Their position and standing in the ski racing world is far above the resume of the two ladies.  I guess that makes them extreme-mediocre.  So it's OK for them to lose really badly because they don't act goofy?  Perhaps they finished even lower than ninth?  Horrors.   Jimski

"John Crowley, Jr." <[log in to unmask]> wrote:   On 2/21/06, David Guertin wrote:
> John Crowley, Jr. wrote:
> >dance around the finish area in the combined SL after mediocre skiing
> >and finishing NINTH.
> >
> >
> Sorry, John, I'm not buying your arguments. Like most of us, I've seen
> mediocre skiing. Mediocrity does not place ninth in the Olympics.

Mediocre when you've had three recent World Cup podiums. When you are
the most decorated winner of medals in the World Junior Championships,
ever (that would be 8 medals, if I recall). When you've already raced
the combined at 17 years old in the Salt Lake Olympics.

It was very mediocre.

Did you watch how she skied?

Like I said, you don't ski like that, wearing a J4
costume-outfit-fun-race thing and then dance around in the finish area
like you're the Super Bowl MVP and have won the trip to Disney World.

She got the equivalent of a first down in the Super Bowl. Big deal.

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