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Date:         Fri, 17 Mar 2006 11:01:56 -0500
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Dear Colleague: PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR! Join us for an interesting
day in an interesting place. If you've never been to the Shaker Museum
in Enfield, this is a great opportunity to look around a special place
after a short day of archeological programs. Hope to see you there! And
don't forget that pre-registration is preferred (but don't let it keep
you from going if you forget to pre-register!!). Best regards, Giovanna

PO Box 406
Concord, New Hampshire 03302-0406
www.nhas.org <http://www.nhas.org/>
Joint Spring Meeting
New Hampshire and Vermont Archaeological Societies
Saturday, April 8, 2006, 9am-3pm
The Great Stone House at
Enfield Shaker Museum, Enfield, NH
Registration: $15.00, includes admission, breakfast snack and boxed
The New Hampshire Archeological Society and the Vermont Archaeological
Society have combined forces to hold a joint spring meeting!
Presentations will be given encompassing a variety of Native American
and historic archaeological topics in both New Hampshire and Vermont.
The Enfield Shaker Singers will also perform at 2:00pm.
Pre-registration is recommended. Mail to: Pat Blevens, Program
Coordinator, New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, 19
Pillsbury Street 2nd Floor, Concord, NH 03301-3570. For more info,
contact [log in to unmask]     
9:00 - 9:30 am: Registration and check-in for pre-registration.  A
continental breakfast will be provided, including muffins, donuts,
coffee and juice.
9:30-10:00 am: Prehistoric Late Archaic Settlement Patterns along Beaver
Brook.  Presenter: Brian Valimont.
10:00-10:30 am: The Nobert and Shore Acres Sites: Middle to Late
Woodland Period Occupation along the Banks of Mallets Bay in Colchester,
Vermont.  Presenter: Charles L.F. Knight.
10:30-10:40 am: BREAK
10:40-11:10 am:  The Mazza Site and the Champlain Valley's Early
Occupants: Current and Future Research.  Presenter: Jess Robinson.
11:10-11:40 am: Excavations at the Allenstown Meeting House, Allenstown,
NH.  Presenters: Joyce McKay and Edna Feighner.
11:40-12:40 pm: Boxed Lunch at Enfield Shaker Village.  Boxed lunches
will be prepared by Shaw's Supermarket of West Lebanon, NH.  The boxed
lunch will include a choice of turkey, ham or vegetarian sandwich with
lettuce and tomato on a bulkie roll, a small bag of Lay's baked potato
chips, an individually wrapped slice of Cabot sharp cheddar cheese, a
large apple, a cookie, a bottle of spring water along with condiments,
plastic ware and napkins.  The cost of the boxed lunch is included in
the $15.00 registration fee.  To indicate your sandwich preference,
please pre-register by filling out and mailing in the form below along
with the registration fee.
12:40-1:10 pm: Of Henry Burden, Horseshoes, and the Burden Iron Furnace
at Shaftsbury, Vermont.  Presenter: Victor R. Rolando.
1:10-1:40 pm: Canterbury Shaker Village Artifacts:  A View of Shaker
Medicines.  Presenter: Betty Hall.
1:40-3:00 pm: The Enfield Shaker Singers, with an Introduction by Mary
Ann Hagen.
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