I will chime in and say it's my fault that John Ryder asked list owners
about limiting their lists because I made a compelling case by showing
John several lists' archive entries of spam.

I really don't appreciate that so much spam is making its way to the
lists.  Why should I need to have 3 filters set up to get rid of it?  Why
can't it just be dropped?  That is my point of view.


Stefanie Ploof
CIT Client Services
CALS Information Technology Office
University of Vermont, Burlington

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006, Helen Read wrote:

> At 01:48 PM 3/22/2006 -0500, Steve Cavrak wrote:
> >The current type of mail that's making it through the UVM spam filter and
> >my junk mail folder is of the "found poetry" variety ...
> >
> >cistern we dod that complacent come with his southward. When we last saw
> >spirit it wasn't pliancy.
> >Then after concision or provincial got to the squatter it was like medley.
> >So when durham was armenian too we pearson.
> That's lovely.
> The spam that I get that makes it past the UVM spam filter is all in
> Portuguese, coming from Brazil. I've been getting it for years, to the
> point where I'm tempted to put a filter on all incoming e-mails with a .br
> domain. Of course, there'd be that *one* legitimate message from Brazil
> that I would miss.