Lyman, the identity of the person using the computer is not for public
consumption, so I cannot continue comment on this list.  I will email you
separately about action to be taken.

If anyone receive reports of this nature the information can and should be
submitted to the CIT project in footprints via:

directly so that proper action can be taken.  Thanks, all.

In reference to Malachi's lookup information, please note that all
addresses in the 132.198.x.x range will appear to be linked to Keith
Kennedy because he is the listed contact for the university.  The lookup
for individual IP addresses is restricted to need-to-know individuals. :)

Stefanie Ploof
CIT Client Services
CALS Information Technology Office
University of Vermont, Burlington

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006, Lyman Ross wrote:

> Does anyone know whose ip address this might be:  An
> e-journal vendor has reported "unusual spider activity" from this
> address and is currently blocking access to their site from this
> address.  It'd like to find out what's going on so we can get access
> restored.
> -Lyman