A little late, but...

Please do make the change.  It makes little sense to mandate Spam-O-Matic 
style Mail-filtering-as-rocket-science as was suggested for the sake of 
avoiding a minor inconvenience for a few subscribers (the zoo -> [not]zoo 
change was far worse).  The spammers ratchet up their skills far faster 
than we implement convoluted filtering.  No reason for non-subscribers to 
be able to post.

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On Wed, 22 Mar 2006, Geoffrey Duke intoned:

GD:Hi, IT-Discuss readers;
GD:There has been some discussion about the amount of spam that comes through
GD:IT-Discuss, and possible ways to reduce it. The list already requires that
GD:senders are using a email address. Spammers, however, routinely
GD:forge their From: addresses to make their messages appear to be legitimate
GD:UVM mail.
GD:One option would be to only allow subscribers of IT-Discuss to post to the
GD:list. This may create an inconvenience for some subscribers because UVM
GD:email addresses can take several forms. Some folks would need to adjust
GD:their subscriptions.
GD:I'm willing to adjust the list configuration if the community feels the
GD:change is helpful and the subscription housekeeping issue is minor. 
GD:Please let me know what you think.
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GD:than to those attending too small a degree of it."    - Thomas Jefferson