The file server known as "" will be unavailable during a storage upgrade starting at 7 am.  This upgrade is necessary to accommodate an unexpected increase in storage demand over the past few weeks.  The upgrade is expected to take approximately seven hours.

All file shares hosted on "" will be unavailable during this window.  These shares include:
- H: (home) and S: (shared) mapped drives for Campus Active Directory service clients.
- "My Documents" access on computers that are not configured with the "Offline Files" service.
- "" access to the resources listed above.
- SFTP access to the resources listed above.
- \\files\mca - (The Microsoft Campus Agreement distribution share)
- \\files\sis - (SCT Banner documentation and source code files)
- \\files\r25 - (Resource25 "fat client" access)

Windows server services that will NOT be affected include:
- Active Directory authentication services (desktop logon)
- Sharepoint services
- ApplicationXtender desktop and web-based (WebXtender) access

Please let me know if you have any concerns about the planned time for this service outage.

-Greg Mackinnon
CIT Technical Support Group