Hey guys,

Hope you are staying warm in this bitter cold day. I can put some more 
posters up tomorrow Saturday, so let me know where they are.

Please join Luis and Camilo for dinner at the Vermont Pub and Brewery 
(corner of church st and saint paul). 5pm on Tuesday.

We obviously cannot give them Dasani water during the presentation, so 
Caroline will bring Craig?s glass pitcher and I?ll bring pint glasses. 
We can get ice from cook commons and free-for-all water (the way it 
should be) from a water fountain.

Seven Days wants to do a story on the talk and our campaign, so those 
of you who want to be interviewed please show up a little early (6:30) 
and stay a little later, I am not sure when the interview will be.

We made progress on our poster for the 5 min. presentations. For the 
next mtng, PLEASE bring labels of non-cocacola  sodas and juices you 
like and can get on campus or in town.

We will continue to make stencils for the t-shirts next week, so bring 
old newspapers,  masking tape, and cardboard from cereal boxes.