Hi guys,

Hope you are having a fun break. this is what we talked about:

1. 5 min presentations
2. Presentation to Sodexho Managers - task delegated
3. Earth Week: Parade, cookout, and fair
4. Coke's shareholders meeting in Wilmington, DE
5. Contact info at U.Mich

1. The almost-final version of the 5 min. presentation is attached. 
PLEASE rehearse it over the break, as we should start presenting right 
after break.

2. Sodexho managers have expressed a desire to make a stance on the 
Coca-cola issue soon, without even hearing position. One manager said 
she may be against the campaign, because of the financial impact a 
cancellation of the contract would have on the local economy.

We need to be prepared 2 address her concerns when we approach her. 
that's why:

-CAROLINE B. will contact the bottling plant in Vermont, and ask how 
many people the employ, how big of a customer is UVM, and where in New 
England they distribute.

-JOE will ask U michigan, Rutgers U. and NYU how they dealt with that issue

-EMILY AND NATALIA will ask economics professors the positive economic 
impact of replacing coke with local sodas and juices.

3. Earth week has tons of events, and we'll rock them!

the sustainability fair is on Fri, April 21. We'll have a table and 
maybe drinks to distribute.

The parade is scheduled for Sat, April 22nd. we will dress up in trash 
cans painted red with the words "killer cola on them", and distribute 
literature. (sample:  click on "Click here 
to see the picture!" )  EVERYONE think of places to get plastics cans 
and paint from.

The cookout is also on Sat, April 22nd. we'll have a booth handing out 
"real" dasani water: mud. that's what farmers in India get from their 
wells thanks to Coke. LENA will find out if we can have Wanu, JOE will 
ask Spritz.

NIKOLA will email all this info to Jess DeBiasio

Shareholders' meeting in Wilmington, DE. more info:

JOE will reserve a van next Monday.
Who wants to come? please email me if you are interested.

Julia can be contacted about U. Michigan's campaign. her email is 
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  their website is

thanks for all you do,