You know, we don't have a conclusion to this paper. Because this is an
"assessment" I wonder if we are supposed to have a conclusion based upon
what we learned, and what would make this community better? Right now this
paper reads like a book report, with no suggestions based upon our analysis.
Should we leave it as is? Nancy, give me a call at home 453-5504, since you
were there. All we need is a paragraph or two.

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I don't recall Joan talking about inadequate compensation.  We as a 
group just talked about the flat rate and if that ws fair to poorer 
families.  I;m gone for the rest of the day.  I'll check my email when 
I get home around 8:30.


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> I am writing the section about finances, but what I don't know is if you
> (Nancy, Mollie) talked about whether the level of compensation is enough,
> not enough, too much, etc. I wanted to talk just a little about the
> balance between compensating providers enough for the tough work they do,
> yet not providing so much that people are drawn to it because of greed
> instead of concern for children. Did this discussion occur during your
> interview? I just thought it would be important to address whether current
> compensation was adequate.