After some internal discussion among ourselves here at CCSU we decided
that we would like to host the Tech Conference this spring.  We would
need to get a meeting of the now infamous "Pizza Group" (actually
anyone and everyone interested in showing up) soon to decide on the
specifics such as agenda and possibly outside speakers and vendors.  We
can host it here at Essex High School on April 28th.  This is during the
spring break and is the only time that we would have parking available.

As far as a meeting of planners, I would suggest that we meet here at
EHS on either Wed March 22 or 23rd at 4:00 PM to plan the event.  We
would have technology on hand to help us plan.  Of equal importance, we
can provide pizza and drinks (soft) for the meeting.  Please reply to
the list if you want to attend and which date works best.

Some possible agenda items for the Tech Conference would be:

- Nagios - how to setup monitoring on your network
- Sans and Clustering - Is it for you and how can you do it
- Filtering - Tales of blocking and creative workarounds by students
(blog available on myspace)
- Zenworks - what it is if you don't use it and creative
implementations if you are using it
- GroupWise - Architecture, backup and best practices - GroupWise 7
what's it all about?
- VOIP - A look at the implementing at CCSU
- File System Factory - Novell's home directory management software -
Is it for you?  A look at the CCSU implementing.
- Anti-virus - what are you using, what does it cost and how does it
- WAN - What bandwidth do you have?  What is the configuration?  VPNs,
SLP, bandwidth management
- Helpdesk - how does your s work?  What kind of software are you
- PDAs - what's happening with these little guys?

I understand that there might be some money left over from previous
conferences so it would be good to know how much and how to access it.

Jack W. Barnes, CNE
Network Administrator
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Office 802-857-7000
Ext. 1039
Cell 802-318-9076


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